Cody Gill of The Cody Gill Band - 2015.09.25

Ruby and Carl were honored to have Cody Gill drop by the restaurant for a bite to eat.  Cody and The Cody Gill Band are a hometown Stephenville, TX outfit with two fantastic albums under their belt so far, Boxcars (2007) and King of Your Hometown (2009).

Try em out!  We know you will love them as much as we do!  It is some of the best of the best Texas Alt-Country available today!

Robert Fuller - 2015.10.17

Last night we had a famous actor come in and eat with us. Robert Fuller. For those of you born in the 50's and 60's you will remember him as "Cooper Smith" on "Wagon Train" and our personal favorite role as "Jess Harper" on Laramie (which we still watch almost every day on EWST). It was our pleasure to serve him and his friend and he was one of the nicest be people you would ever want to meet.  He was in the area to participate in the Billy The Kid Festival in Hico.

The Click and Croft Crew 2017.05.12

We absolutely love it when these guys come in. They keep us all in stiches!  Were they on Wagon Train?  Well, no.  Are they stars?  Yes!  Two of them earned the honor of being the first two people to "Drink the Wall" (e.g. Had each of the house specialty martinis represented by artwork on the wall behind the bar).  Congratulations to Stacy and Amanda (aka The Breeze)!  l to r Click, Stacy, Chris and Amanda.